Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No One is Perfect

Brigham City Temple
 Last weekend, in Sunday School, we had an amazing lesson out of Alma 14.  I have always been intrigued by this chapter as this is where Alma and Amulek were forced to watch righteous women and children, along with their scriptures be destroyed by fire.

Amulek asks Alma why they can’t stretch forth their hands and save them from the flames?  Alma responds by saying this is the only way the fate of the wicked can be sealed.

This scripture has given me peace and comfort in today’s world where women and children are allowed to be defiled and abused, along with a better understanding of why bad things happen to good people.

Our Gospel Doctrine instructor recounted an experience from his mission.  He and four other missionaries were given the privilege of meeting with the president of the temple located within their mission.  The temple president gave each of them the opportunity to ask him anything they wanted.  One Elder, who was scheduled to return home the following week asked, “What advice would you give me as I return home from serving my mission?”

The temple president thought for a minute and then replied, “Remember you are a Child of God.  You were saved for thousands of years to be sent to the most wicked place, at the most wicked time, to even things out.”

Our instructor went on to say, how surprised he was at this answer.  He was expecting the usual, “Go home, get in school, and get married in the temple as soon as possible.    As members of the Church, it’s in our character to be good; this is what makes us a peculiar people.  When we have truly repented of our sins, we look upon the sin we previously committed, with abhorrence.

When people feel guilty, they do one of two things.  They either change who they are, or they try to get rid of those who made them feel that way.  They try to be lifted up by destroying those around them making others look bad.

I love Alma 14!  Particularly verse 11.  May we all remember that we are children of God and have been sent here at this specific time to even things out.  None of us are perfect, but it’s not a bad thing to be peculiar.

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