Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Wedding Story Part IV

Photos courtesy of BP Designer Portraits 
Today’s post is not only the unveiling of the dress, but also a showcase of Brad Peterson’s amazing photography from BP Designer Portraits! Brad’s home studio is in Millville, Utah. Brad will travel anywhere you want him to, but we chose to go to him because of the beautiful surroundings in Cache Valley Utah. We really liked how Brad has the talented gift of mixing the beauties of nature into his work. We also loved the fact that he does a lot of candid shots. His photography is more natural, and not so stiff and posed. We’ll be calling Brad to take our next family photos for sure!

The only complaint I had, if you can even call it a complaint, is that Brad took literally hundreds of photos . . . and they were ALL stunning! It was extremely difficult to choose which ones to display and put in the book, and even harder to choose just one for the bridal portrait! In fact it was downright painful, I wanted all of them! 

Last week’s post was long, as I wanted to describe each detail of the dress and veil. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this week’s blog will speak for itself . . . I would have loved to post the entire photo shoot of her bridals, but these are a few of my favorites. They also show the details I described in last week’s blog.

Next week, you’ll see the picture my daughter found on Pinterest, of the pink Vera Wang dress she brought to me in the beginning, to compare with what I came up with in the end. The bodice is totally different, at her request, but the skirt is pretty close . . . my only regret? Wish she would have gone with the pink, a small birdcage veil, and different shoes! But then again I wasn’t the one wearing the dress, and that’s what really matters. I’ve never seen her so happy, or more beautiful. Now that it’s all done and the stress is gone, I want to thank her for the honor it was to make her dress. She had more faith in me than I did. I’m so glad she liked it.

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