Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daily Devotional

In January, my Relief Society President announced that she would be coming to visit each woman in the ward with a short message, and asked that we sign up for a day and time in the Relief Society Binder that is passed around each week.

When she came to my home, she expressed her love for me, and I could tell she really meant it.  She then proceeded to tell me that she had been praying to find a way to help the sisters in the ward on a daily basis.  She then presented me with a laminated card to post somewhere in my home, and encouraged me to read it every day.  As Relief Society sisters, we receive handouts and cute little crafty things quite often.  This particular handout was very plain and simple – the beauty came with what was written on it.  On the front it read:


 Go to a quiet place in your home.

 Kneel & call upon Heavenly Father.  Talk with Him in prayer.

 Wait for His inspiration while pondering the scriptures or a recent conference address & thinking about problems you face.

On the back it read:


To feel the love of God more powerfully in your life.

To feel more in tune with His Spirit.

To have the heavens open to you daily.

I keep this in my bathroom and read it each morning as I get ready for work.  I use the half hour drive each morning to pray to my Heavenly Father.  I know I’m not able to kneel, however I had a Stake President who once told us that’s what he did each morning on his way to work.  I began doing the same thing when I started working as I found it was the only time I had totally to myself each day.  I turn the radio off and have my morning conversation with the Lord.  I find when I do this, my day goes much better.  When I don’t there is a stark difference.  He knows who we are, He knows us by name, we are His children, He loves us and wants us to be happy.

Try it, and see if it makes a difference in your life.

Take care,


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